Amherst Arts Night Plus, the Town's monthly art walk continues its virtual programming for the July 2nd art walk, 5-8 pm, aired live on Amherst Media, Ch. 15. It can also be streamed live.

The 60-minute program, which will air three times during the 5-8 pm timeslot, consists of a medley of art and photography, craft discussion, artists in discussion, and an a cappella musical medley. Galleries featured this month include: The Burnett Gallery (artists: Ricky Barton and Robert Croll), Gallery A3 (artists in discussion: Laura Holland, Sue Katz, and Val Gilman), The Amherst Town Hall Gallery (artist: Jaime Forsythe) and UMCA (artists respond to W.E.Du Bois). (413)Art presents an interview with metal sculptor Kamil Peters. The a cappella musical medley features Duly Noted (UMass), The Zumbyes and The DQ (both from Amherst College).

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