Amherst Arts Night Plus, continues its virtual programming for the May7th art walk, 5-8 pm, aired live on Amherst Media, Ch. 15. It can also be streamed live.

The program, which will air twice during the 5-8pm timeslot, consists of a combination of gallery presentations, musical interludes by area musicians, and artist discussions. Galleries featured this month include The Bower Studio (artist: Opertura), Amherst Visitors Center (artist: Ricky Darell Barton), the University Museum of Contemporary Art (artist: Avital Sagalyn), Gallery A3 (artists: Laura Holland and Janet Walerstein Winston), and the Unitarian Universalist Church (video: “Journey of a Wandering Angel”). Musical performances by the O-Tones, Chris Smither, and The Jazz Mesmerizers.

“Amherst Arts Night Plus is delighted to provide these monthly 3-hour cultural presentations by local galleries and area artists,” said Eric Broudy, treasurer of Amherst Arts Night Plus. “People have been housebound for more than a month now, unable to experience our usual monthly gallery openings and live cultural performances. We’re just pleased we can contribute to the growing range of alternatives that so many cultural organizations are now able to present online.”

And at the Emily Dickinson Museum: celebrating contemporary art and poetry in their historic setting. Join them at 6:30pm for a remote reading from 10 members of the Florence Poets Society. This program will feature short readings by the following poets: Lori Desrosiers, Brooks Robards, Sasha Berman, Michael Goldman, Rich Puchalsky, Howie Faerstein, Lanette Sweeney, Rosie McMahan, Linda Wlodyka, Eileen Kennedy, and Marian Kent. Hosted on Zoom, details on the museum website.